About us

Rakson Sports is an internationally-inspired, global fitness and combat brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Martial Arts, BJJ, Kick Boxing, Grappling, Fitness, Apparel and combat sports categories.

The brand is committed to designing and engineering products that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo.

Through our highly affordable and long-lasting products - we aim to get closer, inch by inch towards attaining our goals of a fit world; & with you - the customer, athlete, enthusiast, this dream is not too far off.

Rakson Sports prime ambition is not only to supply the high quality products in the markets but also 100% customer satisfaction by providing pre and post-sale extensive services to resolve their problems exactly as they desire.

Additionally, Now you can take orders via this website, Please do not hesitate to give us a call or email.

We hope you enjoy our product and services.


Rakson Sports